Bambusa oldhamii f. striata - Striped Oldham's Bamboo *New

In early 2012, we found this beautiful bamboo growing in Hua'an, China and attempted to import it via the USDA. That small propagule did not survive the stress of international travel.
I revisited this area of China in 2018 and, once again attempted to import this unique form of Bambusa oldhami. This time, we succeeded and the imported specimen has passed pathogen testing. It should be released to us from USDA quarantine by 2020 - a full seven years from initial discovery to arrival in Florida.
Our single imported specimen did start to flower in quarantine in March/2019. It seemed to have been stress-induced. We instructed the personnel at the USDA/APHIS facility to cut off all of the flowers and to fertilize. This seemed to be effective as new shoots emerged from the potting soil within a few weeks.
It should be released to us from USDA quarantine by 2020. Once released to us, the single specimen will be allowed to develop in our test field for about two years to prove its viability in south Florida. If all goes well, we will begin propagation and, realistically, propagules should be available by 2022.
This bamboo variety seems to grow a bit smaller that the standard form of B.oldhamii - it will take time to confirm mature dimensions once planted at our nursery.

(Likely) Up to 45' tall and 3" dia. culms. Min. temp 24F. Min USDA zone: 9a. Click to find your zone.

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