Bambusa tuldoides cv 'Swollen Internode' - Cool Buddha *New

For those who live in southern areas of the USA, but not far south enough to grow the frost-sensitive Bambusa vulgaris Wamin, this may be your solution!
Bambusa vulgaris Wamin (Dwarf Buddha's Belly Bamboo), with its distinctively compressed and swollen internodes, has always teased growers who experience the occasional freeze each year. Their only option was to grow the more cold-hardy Bambusa ventricosa (Buddha's Belly), which only produces reliable bellied culms under stress.
This new introduction to the USA, collected by us in Hua'an, China in November/2012, will be frost-tolerant AND will produce reliable bellied culms.
UPDATE: After spending nearly two years in quarantine under USDA care, it was released to us in July/2014. It has been exclusively test grown at Tropical Bamboo Nursery since then.
Limited availability began early September 2017.
The common name Cool Buddha was given primarily to identify this species as appropriate for cooler climate zones.
Will grow to around 18' tall with 2.5" diameter culms in Florida. Minimum temp. 15 degrees F. Min USDA zone: 8b. Click here to find zone

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