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Complete List of Bamboo Plant Varieties
Acidosasa edulis
Ampelocalamus scandens
Bambusa arnhemica - Arnhem Land Bamboo
Bambusa atra
Bambusa balcooa
Bambusa bambos (Bambusa arundinacea) - Giant Thorny Bamboo
Bambusa beecheyana
Bambusa beecheyana Pubescens
Bambusa bicicatricata*New
Bambusa blumeana
Bambusa boniopsis - Bonnie Bamboo
Bambusa boniopsis cv.Yellowstripe*New
Bambusa burmanica - Burma Bamboo
Bambusa cerosissima
Bambusa chungii - Tropical Blue Bamboo
Bambusa chungii var. barbellata - Barbie Bamboo
Bambusa chungii var. velutina - Velvet Chungii*New
Bambusa contracta - Solitude Bamboo
Bambusa cornigera - Ox Horn Bamboo
Bambusa diaoluoshanensis*New
Bambusa dissimilis
Bambusa dissemulator - Dragon's Nest Bamboo
Bambusa distegia
Bambusa dolichoclada
Bambusa dolichoclada Striata*New
Bambusa dolichomerithalla 'Blue'
Bambusa dolichomerithalla 'Greenstripe'
Bambusa dolichomerithalla 'Silverstripe'
Bambusa emeiensis - (Neosinocalamus affinis)
Bambusa emeiensis Flavidovirens (Flavidorivens) - (Neosinocalamus affinis cv. Flavidorivens)
Bambusa emeiensis Viridiflavus - Yin Yang Bamboo (Neosinocalamus affinis cv. Viridiflavus)
Bambusa eutuldoides basistriata - Ox-eyed Bamboo
Bambusa eutuldoides viridi-vittata - Asian Lemon Bamboo
Bambusa eutuldoides viridi-vittata Inversa - Asian LIME Bamboo
Bambusa farinacea
Bambusa fecunda
Bambusa gibba
Bambusa glaucophylla (heterostachya) Green - Malay Dwarf Green Bamboo
Bambusa glaucophylla (heterostachya) Variegated - Malay Dwarf Variegated Bamboo
Bambusa grandis
Bambusa guangxiensis - Chinese Dwarf Bamboo
Bambusa intermedia
Bambusa lako - Timor Black Bamboo
Bambusa lako Inversa - Timor Green Bamboo*New
Bambusa longispiculata
Bambusa maculata - Pring Tutul
Bambusa malingensis - Maling or Seabreeze Bamboo
Bambusa membranacea
Bambusa membranacea var. Striata
Bambusa membranacea var. Variegata*New
Bambusa membranacea var. Waterfall*New
Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr'
Bambusa multiplex 'Golden Goddess'
Bambusa multiplex 'Goldstripe'
Bambusa multiplex 'Riviereorum' - Chinese Goddess
Bambusa multiplex 'Rosa'*New
Bambusa multiplex 'Silverstripe Corkscrew'
Bambusa multiplex 'Striped Young'
Bambusa multiplex 'Stripestem Fernleaf'
Bambusa multiplex 'Tiny Fern'
Bambusa multiplex 'Willowy'
Bambusa nana - Thai Beauty Bamboo
Bambusa nana var Striata- Candy Cane Bamboo Bamboo*New
Bambusa nutans - Nodding Bamboo
Bambusa odashimae
Bambusa oldhamii - Oldham's Bamboo
Bambusa oldhamii f. Striata - Striped Oldham's Bamboo*New
Bambusa oldhamii Hirose
Bambusa oldhamii Shoot Production strain
Bambusa oliveriana
Bambusa pachinensis
Bambusa pachinensis var. hirsutissima - Hairy Pachi Bamboo*New
Bambusa pervariabilis
Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata - Sunburst Bamboo
Bambusa pervariabilis X Dendrocalamus daii #3 - Yunnan Hybrid #8*New
Bambusa pervariabilis X Dendrocalamus daii #8 - Yunnan Hybrid #8*New
Bambusa polymorpha
Bambusa remotiflora
Bambusa rigida
Bambusa sinospinosa - Chinese Thorny Bamboo
Bambusa sp. Gideon's Blue
Bambusa sp. Kenilworth
Bambusa sp. Longinternode
Bambusa sp. Mrs. Small
Bambusa sp. New Guinea Black
Bambusa sp. Phai Liang Wan or Phai Thwa (Honey Bamboo)
Bambusa sp. Phu An Eyelashes*New
Bambusa sp. Richard Waldron
Bambusa sp. Vietnam - Vietnamese Hedge Bamboo
Bambusa stenostachya
Bambusa suberecta - Jesse Durko Bamboo
Bambusa subtruncata
Bambusa textilis fasca
Bambusa textilis Kanapaha - Royal Bamboo
Bambusa textilis maculata
Bambusa textilis mutabilis - Emerald Bamboo
Bambusa textilis purpurescens - Purple Textilis Bamboo*New
Bambusa textilis - RG Dwarf
Bambusa textilis Scranton
Bambusa textilis albostriata
Bambusa textilis Glabra - Silk Bamboo
Bambusa textilis Gracilis -Graceful Bamboo
Bambusa tulda - Bengal Bamboo
Bambusa tulda striata - Striped Bengal Bamboo
Bambusa tulda - Five Color Bengal Bamboo
Bambusa tuldoides - Punting Pole Bamboo
Bambusa tuldoides cv 'Swollen Internode'*New
Bambusa ventricosa 'Kimmei' - Kimmei Bamboo
Bambusa ventricosa - Buddha's Belly
Bambusa ventricosa Clone X
Bambusa variostriata
Bambusa vulgaris - Common Bamboo
Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata' - Golden Hawaiian Bamboo
Bambusa vulgaris Vittata Inversa
Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin' - Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo
Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin Striata' - Striped Buddha Belly Bamboo
Cephalostachyum fuchsianum
Cephalostachyum pallidum
Cephalostachyum pergracile - Tin Wa Bamboo or Dessert Bamboo
Cephalostachyum pingbianense
Cephalostachyum scandens
Cephalostachyum virgatum
Chimonocalamus delicatus - Five-colored Bamboo
Chloothamnus elatus
Chusquea liebmanii
Dendrocalamopsis (Bambusa) basihirsuta - Pin Bamboo
Dendrocalamopsis daii
Dendrocalamopsis variostriata
Dendrocalamus asper - Asper Bamboo
Dendrocalamus asper 'Betung Hitam' - Black Asper Bamboo
Dendrocalamus bambusoides - Zen Gray Bamboo*New
Dendrocalamus barbatus
Dendrocalamus barbatus var. internodiradicus - Cat's Ear Bamboo*New
Dendrocalamus birmanicus
Dendrocalamus bogor
Dendrocalamus brandisii 'Sweet Dragon Bamboo'*New
Dendrocalamus brandisii - Teddy Bear Bamboo
Dendrocalamus brandisii 'Black' - Black Brandisii Bamboo
Dendrocalamus copelandii - Phai man mu, Pig Fat Bamboo*New
Dendrocalamus dianxiensis
Dendrocalamus dumosus*New
Dendrocalamus elegans - Elegant Bamboo*New
Dendrocalamus farinosus*New
Dendrocalamus fugongensis*New
Dendrocalamus fuminensis*New
Dendrocalamus giganteus - Giant Bamboo
Dendrocalamus giganteus variegatus
Dendrocalamus grandis
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii - Red Shoot Bamboo
Dendrocalamus jianshuiensis
Dendrocalamus latiflorus
Dendrocalamus latifloris 'Mei Nung'
Dendrocalamus latiflorus - Squash Blossom*New
Dendrocalamus latiflorus x Dendrocalamus daii x Bambusa textilis - Triple Hybrid Bamboo*New
Dendrocalamus latiflorus x Dendrocalamus hamiltonii*New
Dendrocalamus longliensis*New
Dendrocalamus maroochy
Dendrocalamus maximuslamina*New
Dendrocalamus membranaceus (see Bambusa membranacea)
Dendrocalamus membranaceus var. Striata (see Bambusa membranacea var. Striata)
Dendrocalamus minor
Dendrocalamus minor amoenus - Angel Mist Bamboo
Dendrocalamus ovatus
Dendrocalamus pachycladus - River Bamboo
Dendrocalamus peculiaris
Dendrocalamus semiscandens
Dendrocalamus sericeus - Phai Sang Mon*New
Dendrocalamus sikkimensis
Dendrocalamus sp. Parker Giant
Dendrocalamus sinicus - Dragon Bamboo*New
Dendrocalamus sinicus aequotus*New
Dendrocalamus strictus - Calcutta or Male Bamboo
Dendrocalamus tibeticus
Dendrocalamus tsiangii
Dendrocalamus validus - Red Shoot Bamboo
Dendrocalamus xishuangbannaensis*New
Dendrocalamus yunnanicus
Dinochloa hainanensis*New
Dinochloa malayana
Drepanostachyum khasianum
Gigantochloa albociliata
Gigantochloa apus - Tabasheer Bamboo
Gigantochloa atroviolacea - Tropical Black Bamboo
Gigantochloa atroviolacea - Watupawan Bamboo
Gigantochloa atter
Gigantochloa balui
Gigantochloa felix
Gigantochloa hasskarliana - Panjang
Gigantochloa kuring - Rachel Carson Bamboo
Gigantochloa kuring - Sumatra Bamboo
Gigantochloa levis
Gigantochloa ligulata
Gigantochloa ligulata - White Culm*New
Gigantochloa luteostriata (4447)
Gigantochloa luteostriata (4776)
Gigantochloa macrostachya*New
Gigantochloa manggong
Gigantochloa marga
Gigantochloa nigrociliata - Black Hair Bamboo
Gigantochloa pseudoarundinacea (pseudoarundinacia) - Maxima Bamboo
Gigantochloa pseudoarundinacea (pseudoarundinacia) var. minor
Gigantochloa pubinervis
Gigantochloa ridleyi
Gigantochloa robusta
Gigantochloa robusta - Golden Robusta*New
Gigantochloa sp. Awi Temen
Gigantochloa sp. Bali White Stripe
Gigantochloa sp. Hitam Hijau
Gigantochloa sp. Malaysian Black
Gigantochloa sp. Sarawak
Gigantochloa tekserah
Gigantochloa wrayii
Guadua aculeata - (Guadua Atlantico)
Guadua amplexifolia
Guadua angustifolia - Guadua Bamboo
Guadua angustifolia bicolor- Striped Guadua Bamboo
Guadua angustifolia 'Lesser Thorny'
Guadua aureocaulis - Moonlight
Guadua chacoensis
Guadua velutina
Melocanna baccifera - Pear Bamboo or Muli Bamboo
Melocanna humilis*New
Muhlenbergia dumosa - Bamboo Muhly Grass
Neololeba atra - Iron Range Bamboo (Syn: Bambusa forbesii)
Neohouzeaua mekongensis
Nastus elatus (Chloothamnus elatus)
Otatea acuminata acuminata - Dwarf Mexican Weeping Bamboo
Otatea acuminata aztecorum - Mexican Weeping Bamboo
Otatea glauca - Mayan Silver Bamboo
Oxytenanthera abyssinica (braunii) - Wine Bamboo
Pennisetum setaceum rubrum - Red Fountain Grass
Pogonatherum paniceum - Baby Bamboo or House Bamboo
Schizostachyum aciculare*New
Schizostachyum brachycladum Green
Schizostachyum brachycladum 'Ratchaphruek'*New
Schizostachyum brachycladum Yellow Form - Sacred Bali Bamboo
Schizostachyum difusium*New
Schizostachyum flexuosum - Tutu Bamboo
Schizostachyum hainanensis
Schizostachyum jaculans
Schizostachyum sp. Murray Island
Sinobambusa tootsik 'Albostriata'
Thyrsostachys oliveri
Thyrsostachys siamensis - Monastery Bamboo (Standard)
Thyrsostachys siamensis - Monastery Bamboo (California)
Thyrsostachys siamensis - Monastery Bamboo (Redlands)
Thyrsostachys siamensis - Monastery Bamboo (Thai)
Thyrsostachys siamensis - Sweetshoot Monastery Bamboo *New
Thyrsostachys siamensis - Striped Monastery Bamboo *New

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