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Bambusa fecunda *New

From China, this well-traveled clone of Bambusa fecunda was first sent from Taiwan to northern Thailand. It was then sent to the USDA for quarantine, was released in 2018, and is now test growing at Tropical Bamboo Nursery.
Per taxonomist Dieter Ohrnberger, it seems to be similar to Bambusa boniopsis; the latter considered synonymous by the Flora of China. However, Bambusa fecunda has culm sheaths without auricles, or with inconspicuous auricles, whereas in B. boniopsis the auricles are quite large.
We're growing the species adjacent to Bambusa boniopsis to confirm that they are two different species, as expected.
Should grow to 25' tall, 1" diameter culms in Florida
Minimum USDA zone: 9b.
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