Dendrocalamus brandisii - Sweet Dragon Bamboo *New

The D.brandisii in the USA, for decades, has been a variety with the common name 'Teddy Bear Bamboo'. In recent years, a Black Brandisii became available. They're both spectacular, produce edible shoots, and have excellent timber. Neither, however, are true D.brandisii and are likely hybrids of D.brandisii and another species (likely D.asper or D.hamiltonii).
For many years, I've hoped to acquire a true D.brandisii. In 2014, I happened upon a stunning focal specimen in Guangzhou, China's South China Botanic Garden. Our lunch that day was bamboo shoots from the same specimen.
It took some work (begging and trading) with a garden worker who quietly dug off a small section for me. This was sent via DHL to the USDA in Beltsville, MD for quarantine. It survived and, in March/2015, it was released to us and is now growing in our test-fields.
Not available at this time. There is massive farming demand for this species and we are letting our field stock mature to prepare for mass-propagation.
Highest quality shoot producer - edible raw.
60' and 5" dia. culms in FL. Min. temp. 26F. Min USDA zone: 9b
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