Chimonocalamus delicatus - Five-colored Bamboo *New

This is one of our 2012 imports into USDA quarantine. It will be test-grown at our nursery in 2013. The species grows naturally under the broad-leaved forest at elevations of 4000' - 5000' in Jinping of Yunnan China. In recent years, it has been introduced into other areas of Yunnan (at lower elevations) and is growing well. We were advised by our Chinese colleagues to test it in Florida. Culms are purplish-brown or green when young, yellow, purple or red when mature, called the five-colored fragrant bamboo. Branches emerging high. Beautiful clumps are used for gardens, parks and bonsai. It is described as growing to about 24' tall with up to 1.5" diameter culms. If the species adapts, we project it will attain only about half those dimensions at maturity in Florida, at sea level. It is cold-hardy to 20 degrees F.
UPDATE March/2016: The test bamboos are growing nicely in the ground but struggle in containers. So far, there is only one color (green). We're hoping this changes as the bamboos mature in the sun.
Imported April/2012 into USDA quarantine, released to us in 2013. The first field specimen successfully completed its first full year and is thriving. We've planted five more (2014) for future propagation.
We are releasing 3 & 7 gallon plants for sale with the understanding that they may not grow as taxonomically described. In south Florida, the natural growing conditions seem to not be ideal to develop with the culm color transitions. The culms stay mostly green. Where originally collected in China, the bamboo was growing in clay soil in an arid climate at around 1200' altitude.
Min USDA zone: 9a. Click here to find zone.

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